Whippany River Watershed

wrwac.orgThe Whippany River Watershed is an area of 69.3 square miles in Morris County NJ that contains all of the small streams and tributaries that drain into the Whippany River.  This 16 mile long river is one of the sources of drinking water for more than a million people in northern NJ.  The majority of Mountain Lakes drains to Troy Brook, a tributary of the Whippany River, and hence, the Borough is located within the Whippany River watershed.

The Whippany River Watershed Action Committee (WRWAC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization involving municipal governments located within the watershed and the Morris County Board of Chosen Freeholders. As stewards of the Whippany River watershed, the WRWAC’s purpose is to preserve, protect, and maintain the land and water resources of the watershed.  The Action Committee accomplishes its mission through broad-based community action, implementation of projects, on-going assessment and promotion of resource conservation.

The Borough of Mountain Lakes has been an active member of the WRWAC since it was organized in 1999. The partnership between the Borough and the Action Committee has benefited water quality both within Mountain Lakes and in the broader region. Located at the headwaters of Troy Brook, Mountain Lakes’ environmental management practices directly affect the water flow, water quality, and drinking water supplies in downstream areas, including the Troy Brook, the Whippany River, and the Passaic River watersheds.

The Borough and Action Committee have served as valuable resources and partners to the mutual benefit of each other. Mountain Lakes and WRWAC have collaborated on local and regional issues involving surface water resources, ground water resources, stormwater management, habitat development and restoration, lake water quality, runoff contaminant control, environmental stewardship, and environmental education.

Mountain Lakes partnered with WRWAC, neighboring municipalities, and Rutgers University in developing the Troy Brook Regional Stormwater Management Plan (RSMP), the first of its kind in New Jersey.  Projects identified in the stormwater management plan can be considered, developed and implemented with funding from water quality grants from New Jersey.

The Troy Brook RSMP, the overall Whippany River Watershed Management Plan, and the Mountain Lakes Stormwater Management Plan are the primary documents guiding management of local watershed resources within Mountain Lakes.

Please proceed to the Mountain Lakes Stormwater Management Plan for more details.