Topography and Steep Slopes

The underlying rock types, geologic structures, geologic history, and the climate of the region have all contributed to the formation of the landscape we have in Mountain Lakes today.  The topography and degree of slope have important implications for all land use decisions.  Because of the geologic history of the area, much of the land is moderately to steeply sloped.  This results in conditions that make development of these areas undesirable from a practical as well as an environmental point of view.

Steep slopes and heavy rains can result in runoff conditions which cause soil erosion and subsequent siltation of the lakes if not properly controlled.  Leaving large tracts and critical parcels undeveloped provides the necessary natural growth which serves to control soil erosion.  Indiscriminate development and disregard of critical areas has, in the past, actually created runoff and soil erosion problems where none existed before.  Proposals for the future development of steeply sloped areas should be carefully reviewed for their potential impact on the environment.

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