Toads and Frogs

Possible Toad and Frog Species in Mountain Lakes

Species:  Fowler’s Toad

Scientific Name:  Bufo woodhousii

Status in Mountain Lakes Borough:  Heard calling from a wooded area in Frederick Park along Morris Avenue in 1998 (Radis 2008).  Possible in other areas of the Mountain Lakes; breeds in similar habitats as American Toad.

Comments:  The common toad in south Jersey, where American Toad is absent. A Coastal Plain species which is rare in New Jersey north of southern Monmouth, Middlesex, and Mercer Counties, and unusual in Mountain Lakes.


Species:  Northern Gray Treefrog

Scientific Name:  Hyla versicolor

Status in Mountain Lakes:  Possible.  Occurs in The Tourne County Park in Denville and Boonton Townships (Radis 2008).  Most likely to be found in Wilcox and Frederick Parks.

Comments:  Breeds in vernal pools, and pond and swamp edges.


Species:  Southern Leopard Frog

Scientific Name: Rana utricularia

Status in Mountain Lakes:  Possible.  Occurs in Troy Meadows in Parsippany, and in lower Troy Brook, which drains into the marsh.

Species:  Pickerel Frog

Scientific Name:  Rana palustris

Status in Mountain Lakes:  Possible.  Found in Denville, Boonton Township, and Parsippany.

Comments:  Occurs with the previous species in Troy Meadows and along the Rockaway River in Denville.