The Green Team!

the green team
Mountain Lakes has achieved Bronze level certification under Sustainable Jersey in 2012.  We earned 195 points and will hold onto our certification until December 2014.  At that time we either have to submit another 150 points for Bronze or reach for Silver at 350 points.

A new team has been formed and is focusing on school participation and community education.  The members and responsibilities are as follows:

Green Team Members


Marnie Vyff Green Team Co-ordinator, Liaison with Sustainable Jersey, and Community Education and Outreach Action
Jackie Bay Environmental Commission, Tree Planting, Wellhead Protection, Waterview
Bob Tovo Energy Tracking & Management, Fleet Inventory, and other Borough Manager activities
Mimi Kaplan Waste Audit of Schools, Recycled Paper
Shawn Bennett Animals in the Community and enforcement activities
Paul Odenwelder Anti-Idling Education & Enforcement, Safe Routes to School
Frank Sanchez Education for Sustainability Programs and school related activities




To join this effort, please contact Marnie Vyff at 973-335-4469.