Salamanders of Mountain Lakes


Possible Salamander Species in Mountain Lakes

Species:  Red-spotted Newt

Scientific Name:  Notophthalmus viridescens viridescens

Status in Mountain Lakes:  Possible.  The terrestrial form of Red-spotted Newt (an aquatic species), the red eft, has been found in the nearby Tourne County Park (Radis 2008), and probably also occurs in Wilcox Park.  Possible elsewhere in wooded spots in other areas of the Borough.

Comments:  The red eft, which is actually a brilliant Day-Glo orange, has several neurotoxins in its skin, and should not be handled without gloves.


Species:  Northern Slimy Salamander

Scientific Name:  Plethodon glutinosus

Status in Mountain Lakes:  A few individuals of Slimy Salamander were found in 2007 on wooded slopes in Wilcox Park (Radis 2008).  Because this species prefers sloping habitat such as wooded ravines and hillsides, it is probably not present elsewhere in the Borough.

Comments:  Slimy Salamander gets its name from the gluey, sticky substance secreted from its skin; difficult to remove from human skin.