Public Schools

The Borough has a long tradition of commitment to public education and this commitment is reflected in its statewide rankings:  9th ranked NJ public school in 2010 per the magazine, NJ Monthly.  Approximately 70% of local taxes are committed to school support. A high level of commitment to public education has been a cornerstone of Mountain Lakes’ attractiveness to families and should be continued.  School facilities plans are submitted to the County Superintendent annually to outline the District’s plans for renovations and maintenance. The Borough Board of Education regularly evaluates future facility needs. Any proposals need to be carefully evaluated by the entire community.

Existing School Facilities
Source: Mountain Lakes Board of Education


Recent School Improvements
In 2003, two new playing fields were completed on land in the Halsey A. Frederick Memorial Park. In 2005 the High School received an overall facelift plus the addition of a new media center, band room, classrooms, training center and a second gym. The addition of a new hallway greatly improved the traffic flow of the building.

In 2007, the football field shared by all the schools was resurfaced with artificial turf.  In 2010, significant work was done on the high school and Wildwood roofs including the addition of solar panels.