Public Potable Water

For the most part, all homes and non-residential units in the Borough are served by public water provided by the municipal system (53 homes in the Lake Arrowhead area are served by Denville.) The number of customers is about 1,520 (4Q, 2010), including 84 commercial customers. There are no major industrial water consumers in the community.

Water Supply
There are four working wells serving the community. The major one designated Well #5 is located near the Boulevard, south of Route 46, and provides for most of the needs. In 2000 an air stripper was added to Well #5 in order to eliminate trace contamination. Another well located at Tower Hill Road and two wells in Denville assist meeting firm capacity requirements. With the three other wells recently upgraded, the Borough has 100% back-up capacity.  The treated water meets all governmentally mandated quality requirements and the Environmental Commission reviews the monthly quality read-outs for all the wells.  The long term impact on groundwater quality and quantity from development in our region is a major concern, especially because the aquifer, upon which the Borough depends for its water, crosses municipal boundaries into areas of rapid development.  The Borough exceeded water allocation in 2005 and 2006 and has operated under a State-mandated 5 year new connection stop ever since.  Another attempt to limit water usage has been the passing of an alternate day landscaping water ordinance in 2007, and a more diligent attempt to track down and fix leaks in the distribution system.

Distribution System
The water is stored in two tanks with a combined capacity of 1,500,000 gallons, located on Lookout Road opposite Summit Avenue. The Borough pumps between 700,000 (off-season) and 1,000,000 (peak summer season) gallons of water per day. The distribution system does not show any major weaknesses in serving the Borough’s existing development. Pressure is adequate except for some spots in the vicinity of the storage tank. There are two small streets still serviced by 2 inch water mains, however, the existing capacity has been deemed adequate due to the small number of homes. Water leakage, (defined as unaccounted for unbilled water usage) was 27 percent in 2008, however, an aggressive focus on this issue lowered it to 14% by 2010. Not all of the leaks are within the control of the Borough since many occur in old service lines between the curb box and the meter to the house and are the customer’s responsibility.