In 2011, the Cove Restoration Committee set out to:

  • Plan, implement and oversee restoration of the Cove Park area as a Centennial Legacy Project for the residents of Mountain Lakes.
  • Strive toward the integration of Cove Park’s natural vista and understated appearance with improvements to make the area more conducive to activities that occur at the Cove, such as ice skating, boating, fishing and general enjoyment by residents.
  • Remove invasive species without impacting the lake. In turn, native species will be planted to provide a natural barrier to discourage Canada geese, create an attractive riparian buffer, and reduce erosion and runoff.
  • Provide educational opportunities for the community to learn how to properly maintain and enhance the lakefront property by planting appropriate native species.
  • Be a landmark for the positive impact that sustainable environmental practices can make in a lake community.