Lacustrine System

Open Water Lake Zone
This habitat occurs at depths of over six feet and is generally devoid of vascular plants,though free-floating species such as lesser duckweed, star duckweed, and dotted Wolfia were seen in Birchwood and Mountain lakes.  As lake depths lessen, this zone grades into the below.
Submergent Lake Zone
Generally found at depths between three and six feet and containing usually-submerged aquatic plants such as common bladderwort, humped bladderwort, a number of pondweed species, naiad, fanwort, and low and slender water milfoils.  Again, this zone intergrades with the next as water depth lessens and emergent vegetation begins to appear.  This zone was noted to be present in Birchwood and Mountain Lakes.

Emergent Lake Zone
Found at depths ranging from approximately three feet to the lake shore.  Dominated by emergent species such as common cattail, spatterdock, common arrowhead, arrow arum, bulrush species, floating heart, rush species, fragrant water lily, bur-reed, pickerel weed.  This habitat also contains some of the species which occur in the submergent and open water zones.  Present, in varying degrees, at all the Borough’s lakes.