Fire Department

The Mountain Lakes Volunteer Fire Department is housed within the Borough Hall. Facilities available to the Fire Department consist of three bays which house two pumpers and one rescue vehicle. The Borough replaced the rescue vehicle in 2008 and a pumper in 2010. Mutual aid arrangements with neighboring towns provide additional and back up resources on a voluntary, reciprocal and “as available” basis. The Fire Hall has a small meeting room/kitchen facility which serves primarily for the Fire Dept’s office and meeting space, but doubles as the Police Department’s lunch room and holding/interview room, amongst other uses. The facility does not have a decontamination area for hazardous materials which the Fire Department considers to be a risk.  The Borough’s practice of periodically replacing aging fire trucks, upgrading water delivery for fire-fighting, and upgrading communications systems should continue.  Although additional future development is projected to be modest, the regulatory and compliance environment affecting the Fire Department is expected become more stringent. In addition, it has become more difficult to attract volunteers in recent years. The Borough will need to monitor these trends and respond accordingly to avoid diminution of fire protection service.