Environmental Resource Inventory


Since its inception as one of New Jersey’s first planned communities in the early 1900’s, Mountain Lakes has been well known for the many natural environmental features which contribute to an exceptional quality of life. It is clear that the environmental and economic future of the Borough depends in large measure on the intelligent management of future growth and the continued preservation of our natural resources.

One of several tools required to properly manage municipal land use is an inventory of natural resources which identifies selected environmental characteristics and serves as the bench mark against which the future success (or failure) of conservation programs can be measured.  For many years, interested residents have contributed to a growing body of information describing the natural resources which characterize the environment of the Borough.  This accumulated knowledge plus substantial research form the basis for this Environmental Resource Inventory (ERI).

This comprehensive Master Plan will become the basis for the future management of our community’s growth and the preservation of our natural resources.  This Environmental Resource Inventory will enable more specific objectives to be developed and implemented, thus increasing the effectiveness of the master planning process.  In addition, the ERI will assist the Building Sub-Code Official and Planning Board in their reviews of future building applications.  This will help to assure consistency with the master plan objectives in general and the conservation of our natural resources in particular.

An Environmental Resource Inventory, if used properly, can result in harmonious blending of human desires and natural processes. Unlike previous Inventories, this new version has been put on the internet so that it can be used by the community and the schools.  It is our intention to update it on an annual basis and to reach out to other Commitees, Commissions and school groups to participate in its upkeep as well.

If you would like to download a static copy of what was created at the end of 2011, please find the entire document embedded below.  Otherwise, we hope you enjoy browsing and learning from our living and interactive Environmental Resource Inventory.

mountain lakes environmental resource inventory