Environmental Commission

Drawing of people around a table talkingEnvironmental Commissions:  Volunteers Helping Protect their Communities’ Environment*

Under New Jersey Law, a municipality can pass an ordinance to establish an environmental commission. Composed of five to seven residents who serve as volunteers, Environmental Commissions advise local governments and act as watchdogs for environmental problems and opportunities. They inform elected officials and the public, serve on committees, research issues, develop educational programs and advocate for sound environmental policies.

Environmental commissions work on many issues, including open space preservationsmart growthwetlands and water resource protection, green infrastructure, recycling and litter, environmental cleanups, wildlife habitat, energy efficiency and conservation and transportation. A growing number of urban environmental commissions are working with local officials to help revitalize their communities.

In Mountain Lakes, the Environmental Commission was established by the Borough Council in 1973.  We are a committed group of 9 individuals from diverse backgrounds that try to stay on top of environmental issues in Mountain Lakes and New Jersey.  We pursue projects based upon Borough needs are are own individual interests and skills.  We operate in conjunction with, but independent from, Borough Council.

If you would like to learn more about Environmental Commissions, NJ state issues and upcoming events, we invite you to check out the Association of NJ Environmental Commissions site at http://www.anjec.org.  The Mountain Lakes EC is a member of Anjec.

*Taken from the anjec site :)