Cove Restoration Committee

Centennial Cove Project Receives Statewide Recognition

At ANJEC’s* 38th Annual Environmental Congress held in October 2011, Board Chairman Nelson Dittmar presented 3 Environmental Achievement Awards for outstanding efforts by NJ Environmental Commissions and organizations.  The winners were Westville, Friends of East Brunswick EC and Mountain Lakes!

Here is a copy of the article:

2011 ANJEC Environmental Achievement Award Winners:  Mountain Lakes Centennial Cove Restoration Legacy Committee

The Mountain Lakes Centennial Cove Restoration Legacy Committee won the 2011 ANJEC* Environmental Achievement Award on October 15, 2011.  A volunteer committee formed by the Borough and chaired by Environmental Commission member Margaret Gossett took on the ecological restoration of Mountain Lakes Cove, from planning through implementation and oversight.  Begun in October 2011, the project has not only restored the natural beauty of the lakeside landscape but also has educated the community about the benefits of landscaping with native plants.  Committee members included Debra Dewing from Lakes Management, Laura Conner from the Shade Tree Commission, Jerry Uhrig from the Woodlands Committee and Lynn Uhrig, Citizen at Large.  Blair Bravo served as the Council liaison. Michele Reilly, Executive Assistant to the Borough Manager was a key contributor to the committee’s success.

The Committee hired national award winning landscape architect JSL Greentree to design the indigenous aquatic plant buffer along the lakeshore to replace the 360 foot hedge of invasive Japanese barberry.  The new native vegetation discourages Canada geese and reduces erosion while requiring little or no watering once mature.  Chemical maintenance will not be required.  The landscape includes two access walks into the water, local boulders, and a bluestone patio. A third access area, a boat launch located at the east end of the park is hiding under the river birch trees.

Outreach activities included an educational display and presentation at the Garden Club Flower Show, at a Historic Preservation Open House and at local school events.  Committee members plan to label plants as part of ongoing educational efforts, and expect to partner the Mountain Lakes Garden Club’s “Go Native” program to educate the community.

*Association of New Jersey Environmental Commissions