Community Facilities

Mountain Lakes has for many years been an essentially fully developed community. Development in recent years has been largely limited to redevelopment of existing properties and infill development on relatively small parcels of land in otherwise developed areas.  One notable exception is the development of the Park Place (Fanny Road) property where the potable water is being provided by Boonton and all other services will be provided by Mountain Lakes. Other potential development sites include two lots of approximately 8 acres, one being in the Willow Rd area and the second being the King of Kings property.  Both sites are potential development sites that would require an expansion of municipal services. The trend in redevelopment rather than new development is expected to continue in coming years because of the limited availability of vacant developable land. As such, no major extensions of public utilities in Mountain Lakes are projected.  Due to the limited potential for new development, the focus of this element is to provide a general description of the facilities and utilities that currently exist in the Borough and to make recommendations for maintenance and improvements.

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