Bronze Certification

Under the Sustainable Jersey program, the first level of certification is Bronze.  It requires the establishment of a mandatory Green Team, implementation of 2 out of 7 PRIORITY ACTIONS, and a total of 150 points. Actions must be completed in 6 of the 16 categories to be eligible for certification.

Rather than initiate the projects, the Green Team was fortunate enough to be able to pull from the work of a great number of dedicated Committees, Commissions, residents and Borough employees.  This submission is something the entire Borough can be proud.  Special thanks to Chief Tovo who stepped in at a late hour to bring this to closure.

The following actions were submitted for Bronze certification.

Mountain Lakes Sustainable Jersey Action Items
Action Points Responsible Party
Create Green Team 10 Created active team, under the EC, with regular meetings Environmental Commission
Anti-Idling Program 10 Posted signs at numerous locations and conducted education about harmful effects of idling Wildwood Green Team
Energy Municipal Inventory and Upgrade 50 Conducted an energy audit of municipal facilities and upgraded buildings as recommended Borough Hall
Municipal Carbon Footprint 10 Calculated energy use and environmental impact of all municipal vehicles,buildings, street, traffic lights and wells Borough Hall
Active Environmental Commission 10 Active EC already in place Borough Hall and the EC
Environmental Resource Inventory 20 Updated old ERI to include new information, a flora and fauna inventory and GIS maps.  Put entire report on new website. Environmental Commission
Community Forestry Plan & Canopy Goal 20 Received approval of a new Forestry Plan with the DEP.  Calculated current canopy and passed a resolution to maintain it Shade Tree Commission
Tree Planting Program 10 Obtained a grant to plant shade trees in public spaces; Hosted Centennial Challenge to plant on residential property Shade Tree Commission
Tree Protection Ordinances 10 Restrict removal of trees in right of ways and setbacks; limit trees that can be removed on private property STC and Borough Hall
Tree Maintenance Programs 10 Detailed tree inventory and maintenance program Shade Tree Commission
Recycling Depot 10 Maintain active depot and educate residents how to use it DPW
Community Paper Shredding Day 5 Hold 2 shredding events/year Fire Department and Borough Hall
Pay as you Throw Program 10 Maintain a “Green bag” program in which residents pay according to usage Borough Hall
Solar Demonstration Project 10 Put solar panels on two schools and educated students via interactive kiosks Bd of Education

The Team is expecting to receive notice of successful certification in March.  The certification lasts for three years after which time we will have hopefully, pulled together a new Green Team and earned Silver certification.  For a list of potential actions to make that possible, please see the “What’s Next? Silver” tab.