Borough Master Plan

The Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL), the legal basis for municipal planning in New Jersey, requires that every municipal zoning ordinance must be based upon a Master Plan. This Plan provides the basis for the Borough’s zone plan and development regulations.  In addition, it seeks to coordinate land use policies and to provide a clear description of the Borough, its goals and the policies that should be adopted to implement these goals.

Master Plan History of Mountain Lakes

The first comprehensive Master Plan for the Borough of Mountain Lakes was adopted in 1963 and was based upon the state law predating the MLUL. A new Master Plan was adopted in 1979 prepared by the Master Plan Committee of the Planning Board with the professional assistance of Tore Hultgren, P.P. In 1986; a Housing Element amendment to the 1979 plan was prepared in conformance with an amendment to the MLUL. In 1994, as part of a required periodic re-examination, the need for a substantial revision and updating of the Master Plan became apparent.

The first priority for the Master Plan and Housing Committees was the preparation of the key mandatory elements of a new Master Plan. These elements were prepared with the professional assistance of Kimball & Kimball and William Harrison. A new Borough Master Plan consisting of the following sections was adopted on September 28, 1995:

  • Community Characteristics
  • Statement of Objectives, Principles, Assumptions, and Policies
  • Land Use Plan
  • Housing Element and Fair Share Plan

Subsequently, non-mandatory elements of the Master Plan (listed below) were prepared by the Master Plan Committee together with amendments to the previously adopted Land Use Plan and Housing Plan (prepared by the Housing Study Committee). These elements and amendments were adopted on October 24, 1996:

  • Circulation Plan
  • Conservation Plan
  • Community Facilities and Utilities Plan
  • Recreation Plan
  • Recycling Plan
  • Historic Preservation Plan
  • Relationship to Other Plans
  • Summary of Major Findings and Recommendations

Although firmly rooted in the 1979 plan, the 1996 Master Plan reflected the major changes since that time and attempted to anticipate future needs of the Borough. 

By law, every municipality in New Jersey must re-examine its Master Plan and development regulations at least once every ten (10) years (N.J.S.A. 40:55D-89) in order to keep municipal planning efforts current. On October 24, 2002 the Planning Board of the Borough of Mountain Lakes adopted a re-examination report of its current comprehensive 1996 Master Plan on October 24, 2002 and again on September 25, 2008. These reports can all be found on the Planning Board Page of the Borough’s website.

Zoning & Tax Parcel Maps

Please proceed to the Morris County Public Resources Interactive Mapping Application (MCPRIMA) to map the zoning classifications and tax parcels within the Borough.