Borough Conservation Ordinances

I.  Borough Conservation Ordinance History

Borough Lands Dedicated As Parkland – 1964

Ordinance 347

Adopted October 14, 1964


  • Entrance to Mountain Lakes at Crane Road                        0.8 acres

Block 6, Lots 1 – 5

Visual amenity and buffer; future wellsite


  • Thorleif Fliflet Bird Sanctuary                                                2.6 acres

Block 101, Lots 71-73, 79-83, 84A

Flood plain, sluiceway cascade; bird watching; Helen Hull Memorial; fern planting


  • Island Beach                                                                        1.5 acres

Block 100, Lots 29, 30, 31A, 96

A major recreational beach and boating area; lakefront access and parking and picnic sites


  • Midvale Boat Dock                                                            0.4 acres

Block 101, Lots 30B, 31, 32A

Boat launch and storage; lakefront access and parking; ice skating


  • Memorial Park                                                                        0.2 acres

Block 81, Lot 15B

Historic site dedicated to the Borough’s war dead


  • Briarcliff Park                                                                        0.3 acres

Block 78, Lots 33-34

Lakefront access, ice skating, benches, fireplace


  • Wildwood Dam                                                             0.8 acres

Block 78, Lots 42-43

Lakefront access, fishing, skating, hiking


  • Wildwood Park (presently overgrown and inaccessible) Block 78, Lot 67            0.7 acres

Lakefront access and boat launch; picnic and skating facilities


  • Birchwood Beach                                                            3.2 acres

Block 30, Lots 1-20

A major recreational beach, diving and swim lane area; lakefront access, parking and picnic site, fishing


  • Parkland Northeast of Birchwood Lake*                        122.3 acres

Large undisturbed nature area, steep slopes, wetlands; passive recreation – hiking, jogging, cross country skiing, fishing flora and fauna – unique borough habitats


  • North End of Crystal Lake                                28.0 acres

Block 31, Lots 29-68; Block 32

Lake quality protection, steep slopes; contiguous to major parkland; hiking, rifle range


  • Sunset Lake Northwest Side                                4.3 acres

Block 23, Lots 39-54; 56-58

Control runoff and protect lake quality; nesting area


*Named Richard M. Wilcox Park in 1974 at which time additional land was dedicated.



Borough Lands Dedicated As Parkland – 1974


Ordinance 13-74

Adopted October 21, 1974


  • Part of Richard M. Wilcox Park               31.3 acres
  • (Parkland Surrounding Birchwood Lake)

Block 29; Block 30, Lots 21-80; Block 41

Protect drainage basin for Birchwood Lake; lakefront; recreation — hiking, swimming, fishing, picnics; environmental amenity


  • Lot on Sunset Lake                                         0.14 acres

Block 23, Lot 71

Lakefront – lake access and boat launch; recreation – ice skating


  • Halsey A. Frederick Park                                  64.3 acres

(Powerville Road to Fanny Road Site)

Block 68, Lots 10-22; Block 69, Lots 11-24; Block 88, Lots 14, 15, 17, 21-24, 27

Wetlands; flood plains; recreation — hiking, tennis, baseball nature study


  • Wetlands Between the Railroad right of way and the Village                        34.6 acres

Block 127F

Flood plain; wetlands; steep slope; recreation — hiking, games, bird watching, wildflowers; buffer — sound/auto/visual pollution


  • Midvale Field and Adjacent Borough-owned lands             20.9 acres

Block 129; Block 129A, Lots 18B, 19, 20, 21;

Block 129B, Lot 5; Block 129C, Lot 13

Wetlands; recreation — playfield; no slope


  • Esplanade Park                                                     0.4 acres

Extension of Esplanade (Part of street right-of-way)

Recreational – existing park; environmental amenity; historical site


  • The Cove Park                                                       0.2 acres

Block 131, Lot 2

Grass covered recreation area between Morris Ave. and the Cove Lakefront

Popular viewing spot, benches; ice skating, boat launching, fishing

  • Frank Kaufman Memorial Park                                     0.7 acres

Block 80, Lots 1-6

Site of old Borough Hall and firehouse

Important bus stop and shelter; neighborhood mini-park; municipal Christmas Tree




Borough Lands Dedicated As Environmental Easements – 1985

Ordinance  14-85

The following properties owned by and situate in the Borough of Mountain Lakes, identified by reference to the Official Tax Map of the Borough, are hereby found and declared to be valuable as environmental buffer areas which, while not appropriate for active park and recreational use, should be preserved in their natural state in order to protect and allow regeneration of natural resources and wildlife currently existing in the Borough.  The Borough Attorney, Mayor, and Borough Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to prepare documents creating conservation easements for the stated purpose, and to cause them to be executed and recorded as permanent restrictions affecting the listed properties.



Block                                  Lot


5 through 7

16 through 18

21                                     33, 34, 37, 38, 41 and 42

22                                     20 through 24, and 10A, 15B, 16B

34                                     5 through 18, 19A, 20A and 21A

58                                     10 through 13, 24, 25

59                                     46 and 47

63                                     11 through 14

64                                     11, 12, and 19 through 21

66                                     1 through 14, and 16 through 23

74                                     4, 5, 6A, and 21 through 23A

75                                     7 through 13, and 27 through 32

76                                     34 through 39A, 40A

107                                   10 through 15

108                                   10 through 35




Borough Lands Dedicated as Conservation Easements – January 5, 2004

Grantor grants to itself, its successors and assigns an easement and interest in the Property for the purpose of protecting the Property in its natural, scenic, open and existing state according and subject to the following terms, conditions and limitations:

No trees, shrubs or other vegetation now or hereafter existing on the Property shall be destroyed or removed except as may be in furtherance of and consistent with the conservation purposes to be achieved hereby.

No topsoil, sand, gravel, loam, rock or other minerals shall be excavated, dredged or removed from the Property except as maybe required in order to permit construction of a pond wholly or partially on the Property, any such pond to be of such design and structure as to preserve the natural function of the flood plain of any stream which may pass through the Property.

No buildings or other structures shall be erected on the Property and no roads for motorized vehicles shall be construed thereon.

No dumping or placing of soil or other substance or material as landfill and no dumping or placing of trash, waste or unsightly or offensive materials shall be permitted on the Property.

No other activities shall be permitted on the Property which would or might be detrimental to drainage, flood control, water conservation, erosion control or soil conservation and no other acts or uses detrimental to be the preservation of the Property shall be permitted.

Although the conservation easement granted and intended to be granted hereby has been created for the general welfare, nothing herein contained shall be construed to convey to the public any right of access to or to use the Property.

Nothing herein shall be construed to restrict the Borough of Mountain Lakes from taking any action to maintain the Property in a safe and healthy condition or to prevent the Borough of Mountain Lakes from using the Property for any public purpose which the Council of the Borough of Mountain Lakes may determine from time to time in its sole discretion.  Grantor, its successors and assigns shall retain the exclusive right of access to and to use the Property as the Council of the Borough of Mountain Lakes may determine from time to time in its sole discretion.

It is understood that this instrument imposes no obligation on the Grantor and no restrictions on the use of the Property except as specifically set forth herein and nothing herein contained shall be construed to interfere with the right of the Grantor, its successors and assigns and its licensees and any party claiming under it to utilize the Property in such a manner as it or any of them may deem desirable from time to time in its sole discretion.


Schedule A

As set forth on the tax maps of the Borough of Mountain Lakes, Morris County, New Jersey:


BLOCK                                                  LOTS

9                                                          1, 14, 22

46                                                         15

47                                                         8

48                                                         28

50                                                         23

54                                                         12

56                                                        14, 34,39,52,02

57                                                         1

58                                                         30

59                                                         39

60                                                         5,9,13,27

61                                                         25,31,38,45

62                                                         20,01,25,33,38

63                                                         17

64                                                          8

65                                                          13

68                                                         4

70                                                         6

80                                                         28

86                                                         1,9,13,18,22

86.01                                                    32,33

86                                                         40,41

88                                                         1,6,9

91                                                         1,14,35,39,43,50,02,55

94                                                         9,01,16

104                                                       44,71,78

105                                                        15,27

110                                                        33,40,46

111                                                        10,02,19

112                                                        6,45

114                                                        1,20

116                                                        3,06

124                                                         1

127,05                                                    6

136                                                         2




Annual Resolution Passed by Succeeding Councils to Protect Open Space Since 1974

“WHEREAS, the Mountain Lakes Borough Council believes that all land owned by the Borough of Mountain Lakes is held in trust for future generations by the Councils and Citizens of this community, and

“WHEREAS, the woodland, wetlands, and open spaces of Mountain Lakes help define the character of the town and, beyond that, each succeeding year brings us more information on how vital such natural lands are to our collective well being and health of the world around us, and

“WHEREAS, they are also buffers which mitigate the effect of reasonable development of private lands, and

“WHEREAS, once converted to other use, such lands can not be replaced and therefore short term needs and pressures do not justify endangering the environment of our town, county and state, and

“WHEREAS, those who are most intimately associated with these lands are the most qualified to protect them,


That the Borough of Mountain Lakes will protect these lands as its citizens and their elected officials deem necessary, and that the current Council of the Borough affirms and continues in the wisdom of its predecessors in owning, protecting and maintaining the public lands of Mountain Lakes.”