There are an estimated over 160 bird species living in Mountain Lakes.  This diversity is undoubtedly driven by the abundance of open water and woodlands.  The lakes also attract migratory bird populations so no matter what season, there is always something interesting to look at in the sky.

A total of 66 species were seen during the late November through December 2008 Fauna surveys.  This is a relatively low number even for late fall, and can be explained by the ice on some of the lakes and ponds—lowering the number of waterfowl—a poor acorn crop, colder than normal weather, early snowfall, and possibly other factors.

Of interest were four species listed as endangered or threatened; all of them raptors.  These include Bald Eagle, Cooper’s Hawk, Red-shouldered Hawk, and Barred Owl.

The following lists all resident and migratory birds seen in the inventory and/or known to be common in Mountain Lakes

PLEASE NOTE:  Bird photos will be updated to be of a similar quality as the rest of the report shortly.  Please check back.

Managing Canadian Geese
The Borough participates in a Cooperative Service Agreement with the USDA APHIS Wildlife Service whereby the goose population is actively controlled. This program was initiated in order to reduce the fecal count in the lakes that has resulted in beach closings in years’ past.  The word “actively controlled” means that the eggs are addled until the young are not viable.  In 2011, a total of 6 nests (containing 33 eggs) were located and  treated on Borough property and Vision Equities/Pinnacle Foods property.  No capture and removal activities have been conducted since 2003.