Active Recreation Areas

Given that so much of the Borough is held in public lands, Mountain Lakes tends to attract people who value recreation and athletics.  The schools are a sports powerhouse excelling in football, lacrosse and swimming, however, the Borough prides itself on supporting a diversity of sports and outdoor activities.  A snapshot of recreational bodies, courtesy of the Mountain Lakes Master Plan, follows:

A highlight of the Borough’s outdoors experience is surely Morris County’s Tourne Park.  Stretching 220 acres across Mountain Lakes, Boonton Township and Denville, the Tourne is home to 24 hiking trails that range from 300 feet to 3500 feet in length.  The Tourne’s name is derived from Dutch for “lookout” or “mountain” and on a clear day, one can see the skyline of New York from its summit (897 feet).  According to Wikipedia, much of the land for this park was inherited and acquired by Clarence Addington DeCamp in the late 1850’s.  Using hand tools and levels, DeCamp built two roads leading to the top of the Tourne and he actively invited friends and family to hike the area he loved so well.  In 1958, Morris County acquired the initial 219 acres from Logan Steels and Dr Lewis Hull.  The park was officially opened in 1960.  One of the best loved trails is the “Wildflower Trail” which was planted by the Garden Clubs of Mountain Lakes and Rockaway Valley in 1962.  The trail features over 250 native plants.

Another highlight is the Boulevard itself.  Once the site of the Trolley that connected Mountain Lakes with Boonton, the Borough’s main road now features a wide path that is used extensively for biking, walking and running.  The length of this street in graced by mature trees and beautiful views of Island Beach.