Acknowledgements and Dedication

The 2011 Environmental Commission
Jackie Bay, Co-Chair
Margarett Gossett, Co-Chair
Bill Albergo
Tom Carr
John Horan
Corey Nachshen
Todd Terhune
Marnie Vyff

With credit to those whose efforts in earlier studies contributed to this work.
Previous Commissioners

Corey Nachshen
Cathy Harvey
Doug Morrison
Oliver Turner
Khizar Sheikh
Kevin Edwards
Phil Notestine

Borough Council Liasons
Doug McWilliams
Charles Gormally
Ellen Emr

Other Contributors
Bill Ryden, Borough Engineer
Andy Bulfer, Borough Webmaster
Rick Radis
Brian Marshall, Whippany Watershed
Glenn Tippy, Lakes Committee

With Special Thanks to ANJEC for a grant that made this project possible.